2016 Wifey Life


Ruben and I have been together since 2008. Luckily we’ve been able to grow together so this page is going to be ALL about us as a couple. I do monthly challenges so here’s some scoop on how we stay best friends.

He is such a great husband I started a new thing in June where I surprise him with something. Once a week with small things and once a month with something big.

June: Bought tickets to the Ranger gave Vs Boston.


July: I finally changed my last name to Ortiz…


August:His big surprise this month was…  I bought us tickets to Boston!!!

September: I surprised him with Game tickets and our Airbnb in Boston where we got to explore the city!

October: our anniversary month


November: We went for a washer… convinced him I didn’t need it so he could get his TV. Technically it’s a gift to himself BUT it  was the best thing he got this month… All I did was throw him a birthday party for his birthday and buy him stuff for his PS2.



Surprised him with a date to the museum and watched the new StarWars in IMAX.




I was pregnant… then I lost it 😦

We were able to see our baby with a ultrasound and see a heart beat


It all started off with spotting and ended up being something more like a period… on crack!

The second I left the ER I started getting really hard cramps that felt like what I imagine contractions feel like… 2 days later at my appointment we found out we lost it.

This baby wasn’t planned but I already loved it. From the second I found out I was pregnant I tried not to get too excited because I knew the facts about first pregnancys and the possibility of having a  miscarriage. My whole life, even as a young girl I had dreams that this would happen. I thought it made me feel like I could handle it better but I am realizing… that’s not the case and it is still hard.

As much as I tried not to get too attached I was hoping the 1st trimester would fly because I just wanted to shout that I was pregnant. I vlogged almost everything and hope to share it soon once this whole pregnancy is over..

What I mean by that is…. I am still miscarrying. Turns out that it’s not a one day process for everyone, especially because I chose to go through my miscarriage naturally. This was a decision I thought would be best…. turns out every time I go to the restroom… it’s just a constant reminder that I lost the baby and am no longer pregnant or going to be a Mom.

Here’s a video I was going to share with you guys announcing to Ruben I was pregnant.

It was a FAIL

And this is how I told my friends on Snap Chat what was happening

I still plan on sharing my whole pregnancy vlog BECAUSE this is something so many woman go through but not everyone likes to share. I feel like this could really help someone. Once I snapped about it I had about 11 girls that follow me tell me that this was something they went through too and some have never told anyone.

Everyone deals with everything differently and that is okay.

This is just how I’m deal with mine.


Ready for 2017!

I got a new planner! 20 bucks at Target.



Glitter washi tape!img_1619

Sticky notes:)


Had to get a work calendar img_1628

More washi tape!


gonna get some use from these!



I am extremely excited about year! I have a lot of things planned and I can’t wait to bring you guys along.