Biancadoes Daily Workout Diary


Monday: August 22nd

Afternoon BootCamp



AM Savage Training (Ladder)

6:45PM CycleBar



7:30 Boot Camp



7:30 $5 Fitness (Boot Camp)


5am Savage Training




Sunday: Rest Day


Biancadoes Meal Diary



BF: Bagel & PB (Didn’t snap a pic)

Lunch, Snack, Snack, Dinner



       BF,  Lunch,  Dinner

 Late night snack: vanilla & chocolate ice cream.


BF Drink, Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Post Workout


Breakfast, lunch, snack, Dinner

Oatmeal,Spinach Salad, Cookies, (4 burger patties)



BF,(Coffee), Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner

Biancadoes Meal Prepping Ideas

My goal with meal prepping is to make meals that are ready to go. This helps me not have to buy food or choose unhealthy choices. I’ve done meal prepping before and stuck to chicken and rice… IT GETS BORING & OLD FFAASSTT! So this time I decided to do it a little different and try different foods.

Here’s some of the foods that I prepped.

Cool time: Takes time to cool before you can fridge.

Prep time: Takes time to prep

Med. Time: Takes less than 2 min

Easy: Grab and Go

I put a ♥ next to my favorites. Hope you like them.

♥Pork Loin Filet: (Cool Time)

2 carbs 5 fat 20 protein (4 grams)


♥Sweet Potato: (Prep & Cool Time)

26.8 Carbs, 2.1 Protein, .01 Fat   

( I like it a little crispy but this is my new FAV.)


Ground Turkey & Green Pepper: (Defrost & Cool Time)

1.5g Carbs, 20g Protein, 9.4g Fat (4 grams)


♥Cucumber and a splash of lime: (Med. Time)

( I peel and put in sip lock bags for an easy grab and go snack)

1.9 Carbs, .8 Protein, .1 Fats

Boiled eggs: (Cool Time)

( I peel and put in Ziplock bags for an easy grab and go snack)

.5g Carbs, 6g Protein, 5g Fats (per egg)


♥P3: (EASY)

(You can get these 3 for 5 most places. Some have chocolate & it is perfect for my sweet cravings without over doing it)

3g Carbs, 13g Protein, 3g Fats



Muscle Milk: (EASY)

(NOT the best protein shake while carb cycling ((lots of carbs)) trying to finish is so I can get a different one.)

9g Carbs, 16g Protein, 2g Fat


♥Chobani: (EASY -HI CARB)

27g carbs, 12 Protein, 6 Fats



Tuna: (EASY)

20g carbs, 18g Protein, 3g Fats


These are just some ideas of foods to eat instead of the typical veggies, rice and chicken.



Biancadoes Carb Cycling

When I started training at Savage Training they suggested that I start carb cycle-ing. I “Couldn’t do it” because I love food. I saw everyone’s results with it but I know it was tons of work & it is. But even though I have been working out sometimes 2 times a day and eating better I managed to gain weight so I figured I should give it a try.I officially finished my first week. My diet includes of…

  • LOW: 36g CARBS, 135-145g PROTEIN, 35-40g FATS
  • MEDIUM: 90g CARBS, 135-145g PROTEIN, 55-60g FATS
  • HIGH: 295g CARBS

Monday:Medium    Tuesday: Low    Wednesday: Medium    Thursday:Low     Friday:Medium    Saturday:High Sunday: Low

                        I weigh between 180 and 185 pounds so that’s how I got my numbers. Here’s the chart our gym goes off of.


Here’s to give you an idea of what I eat in a day…


My fitbit broke so I havent been able to see how many calories, steps or stairs I have done but I will continue my journey. I will make it a point to snap pictures of my meals and maybe share recipes in a future blog.

Wish me luck.


Biancadoes a life update


I have been MIA because my life has gotten so crazy! I started doing 2 boot camps! 1 in the morning and one in the afternoon.This makes it hard to blog because after my morning workout I clean and meal prep for the day, then go to work . When I come home I clean and get ready for my afternoon class and by the time I come home it is 9! I don’t even go to bed until 11! I started carb cycling (it is HARD) and I actually gained weight and then… MY FITBIT BROKE I also got glasses FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! It is taking some getting used to!! Because so much is going on I have so much to blog about I am really missing out here! I have 3 blogs coming soon.

Biancdoes Carb Cycle

Biancadoes Wear Glasses

Biancadoes 2-A-Days

Biancadoes Gains Weight

Hope you guys are looking forward to them! Subscribe so that you can get notified when I do upload them!

♥ you nuggets


Biancadoes: Weight Update

My goal is to be healthy, to be fit, to feel good in my own body. Although I struggle loving my body, I am learning to love it. I have lost about 20 pounds but it has been a struggle. I JUST LOVE FOOD SO MUCH! CCHIICCKKEENN NNUGGEETTSS!!! Last month I started a bootcamp and gained 3 pounds. I was so discouraged, I ACTUALLY WENT EVERYDAY MON.-THU. (those are the times offered) And other people who started at the same time have me have lost 5+ pounds. I just don’t understand how I can outlast them but they loose more weight than me. It’s a bit discouraging. Especially because I ended up ripping one of my favorite pants ( I hope it’s muscle). Instead of just quitting I decided to join another workout class. So now I am trying to do 2 workout classes at least 3 times a week and then just 1 class the rest of the week and resting Sunday. IT IS KILLER! I am gaining strength and endurance but I am not loosing weight. Today is the last time I weigh myself this month because IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! Although loosing weight is not my goal… I hope it happens naturally. My Body seems to retain weight in my arms and thighs. I am a bit curvy and I do not mind my hips, BUT MY ARMS! That is a no-no!

Anyways here’s a chart of my progress over the last year. On my Fitbit my weight loss goal is 175 but of course once I reach that goal I will change it to what I think it should be at that point.

Today we maxed out and I bench pressed 80 pounds and dead lifted 165 I hope to improve!

                                                                             Wish me luck!


Biancadoes $5 Fitness class & Vlogs it

Hey Nuggets!

I did it again, another Vlog! I also recorded one of my workouts! I am so proud of myself for actually doing it. I did cheat a little bit. My whole vlog is really just my Snap Chat story but who gives! I am trying to see how well it works! I hope to do a weekend vlog & hopefully it’s not from my Snap because it mutes the end of each snap. Hope you guys enjoy!


I am in the yellow hat & Ruben is in the white shirt.

As you can see the vlog is from Snap Chat and the workout is from my phones camera.

Thanks for watching!